Thursday, March 26, 2015

Framing the Upper Walls and Roof

"Topping Out," when the highest framing member of a building is set.

Finalizing the framing in time lapse, enjoy!

This stage of the project was very fun. The shape of the finished house could be visualized, and you could actually start to picture what it would be like to be inside.

Rafters and the utility area framing (over the tongue) to go. 

Really got in the swing of things working on the framing, now it was time to start changing gears toward sheathing, and getting the project enclosed and safe from the elements.

Setting the ridge beam, such a satisfying step in the process!

Coming along with the framing. 

This wild turkey comes by to check out the progress every morning. Can you find him?!

Covered just in time for the next snow.

The tarp kept out most of the moisture, used towels to soak up the rest.

Not much snow, but it was heavy and wet.  

She(?) has some nice coloration up close. Likes the sound of hammering, you'd think that would scare it away...
Next the sheathing will go up, and window holes cut. See ya then.

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