Friday, March 6, 2015

Floor Insulation, Preparing for Framing.

It looks so nice I don't want to cover it up with the subfloor!
After getting the trailer leveled, work could begin! The first steps were to add the insulation in the floor, perimeter 2x, and then the subfloor itself. I used two layers of foam sheeting underneath the floor, and sprayed the edges with expanding foam to ensure a tight fit. 

Getting the floor insulation in place.

 Sill seal went down over the metal floor framing of the trailer. This will provide a thermal break between the subfloor and the steel, bound to be cold in the winter! Also, a small gap followed by the foil face of the insulation will help slow radiant heat from escaping downward through the floor between the joists.
Sill Seal in place, ready for sheathing.

Tongue and groove 3/4" subfloor half way done...
Laying the floor sheathing.

 The last step was to cut the floor sheathing and attach it. Special ordered screws that self tap into the steel trailer were used every 6" OC for the perimeter and along each steel joist. 300 total! I found that very slow speed and a lot of pressure (about 150lbs) were needed to drive those screws into the steel. Could have pre-drilled with a tungsten bit I suppose...
Used the table saw to add a double tongue and groove
to this corner on a small piece.
So there it is, FINALLY ready to begin the framing. A satisfying, flat looking base to start with!

Last piece before a finished subfloor. The "missing" square will be the entry porch.

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