Sunday, March 22, 2015

Leveling, Plumbing, and Squaring the Lower Walls.

The lower wall sections have now all been framed and raised. Before the upper sections and the roof are added I went through and straightened everything up. Of course each section was built square and on a flat surface, but any movement will cause them to get slightly out of square until bracing is applied.

I started by re-checking the trailer for level, and then squaring two intersecting walls. I checked each direction with my level, applied pressure with 12' 2x4s to hold each section in position, then screwed a diagonal brace. After getting a corner done, I ran a plumb line along the long walls to make sure all three sections were in alignment. They were then pulled into position with more diagonal bracing.
Running a plumb line along the long wall sections.
I found that it was important to re-check everything because straightening a whole wall section would end up pulling a previously leveled corner out of tolerance. Taking lunch and coming back everything would shift slightly, even after being braced. 

I found just by going around several times to each section, eventually I could get everything to align within about 3/16".

Pretty straight for a 3 section wall.
The bracing will stay up until the sheathing goes on, that will hold everything pretty tightly in square. The diagonals inside that hold the long walls plumb will have to stay until the roof is sheathed, making sure that they don't spread out when I'm shifting my weight and the materials around up there.

Time lapse of squaring, leveling, plumbing the wall framing.

Thanks for taking a look at the post. Next you'll see the framing completed including the roof and loft dormers. And on to sheathing...

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