Thursday, April 9, 2015

Wall Sheathing, Ties and Strapping.

The form of the entrance is apparent with the sheathing up.

Various types of strapping used to reinforce all framing connections.

Time to start enclosing the project with some plywood.

Certain sections had to be insulated already since they'll be covered on both sides. 
That large flat wall will be broken up with a faux roof line and windows later. Thank goodness, not very aesthetic now.

Another angle with the sheathing almost completed.

Just the roof sheathing to go.

Interior view with the sheathing up.

Interior looking towards the door and bay window area. Standing underneath the loft.

Expanding foam will squeeze it's way out of anywhere. It must have a second stage of expansion after the initial release from the can.

Dormer end/transitions were a crazy shape that took a few trims to get right.

Getting closer to being weather tight every day.

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