Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Framing the Lower Walls

Finally, some fun stuff with lots of visual progress. This part of the project will probably have the most change in the shortest time. The form of the house will take shape!
The first wall sections laying on the floor.
Walls were built on the flat floor. The long walls were built in 3 sections to make them easier to handle. The breaks were lined up with the 5/8" threaded rod tie downs, as they require a double stud anyways. I also lined most of the windows up with existing studs, to keep the framing as light as possible.
Wall 1, all parts completed. Flashing for the porch in the foreground.
Everything was screwed together with 3.5" outdoor rated deck screws. Later a few hundred hurricane ties will be added.

Time lapse of framing and erecting the first floor walls.

First level of walls up. Level/square/plumb of the walls video next post...
Very glad to have this weather. Last week it snowed 3 times, but now it's about freezing when the sun comes up and warms up to 55F or so throughout the day. Hoping to get the sheathing up before the next snow.

4 days of hard work paid off, looking good.

View from half way down the hill. Starting to look pretty tall!
Next I'll show how all the bracing was added, and more time lapse of the loft frame and top walls getting put together.