Sunday, May 17, 2015

Window Openings, Roof Sheathing, and House Wrap

Site Supervisor Performs Inspection
I was surprised how open the inside still felt after putting all the sheathing up. However, cutting the holes for the windows really opened up the space even more!

Time Lapse Window Openings and House Wrap

Daily Rains Require Tarping Still.

The two things I'm really looking forward to now are getting the actual windows in, and getting the roof installed. Having the house to a point where I won't have to keep tarping it will be a real time saver. And I think the windows will make it really look like a nice little house.

Cutting Window Holes Brings in More Light

It's nice to stand inside at this point and visualize the interior layout with all of the window holes in place.

Looking More Like a House

Can't Wait to Install Windows!

View of the "Shed" Area
Extra space in the shed area of the house will be for the propane tank, water heater, expansion tank, radiant floor controls and valves, and a recessed bathroom sink and cabinet.

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