Thursday, February 26, 2015

37 Years of Stuff in a Garage, Clean in 45 Seconds

Ever notice how the longer you live in one place, the more it fills up with stuff? This is my workshop space, or soon to be. Obviously needs some TLC. It hasn't been fully cleaned out in 37 years. (Thanks Pam for the VW parking spot!)

Drag around in the picture to swivel 360 degrees. Thanks Photosphere app.

Views: "Before" (Tiny house workshop space) by Tim Seymour

Time lapse of the cleaning.

Standing in the same spot as the first Photosphere, organized workshop now!


  1. Thanks for the fantastic post, video and specially google map view. You made your garage look absolutely beautiful, I would give anything if my garage looked even half as clean as that. You did fabulous job!

    1. Thanks, it's pretty rewarding to see the finished product, and to watch the time lapse.